Contractors Struggling To Find Workers As Construction Booms In Tampa

Dated: 10/26/2017

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Contractors struggling to find workers as construction booms in Tampa

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — According to Associated General Contractors of America, Tampa is the fifth fastest-growing construction job market in the country. But the demand means contractors are struggling to find skilled workers.

“Skilled labor is our biggest challenge right now. For every one person entering the industry right now, five are retiring,” said Steve Cona, president and CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors.

What does this mean for you? Cona says it is a trickle-down effect that hurts your wallet.

“The electrician that is now working on commercial projects can no longer do small residential projects, so now it is going to cost the homeowner more to get a skilled person to come out to their house and do repairs,” said Cona.

October is Careers in Construction Month, and Cona explains the key to rebuilding the workforce is the next generation.

“We need a concentrated effort in our K-12 system to make sure that if our kids want to learn a trade right out of high school, they can work with folks like us who will get them into training and apprentice jobs,” said Cona.

You can learn more by visiting the Associated Builders and Contractors website.

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